UKRAINE: Stelios Philanthropic Foundation to assist aid effort to refugees

Whilst the mission of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation is to give back to society close to home, (mostly in the four countries where the founder has lived and worked), we are acutely aware of the humanitarian crisis that has been caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

By focusing on helping the refugees who are fleeing war, we have considered that this is now a humanitarian crisis closer to home.

Therefore working via our well established partners in our home countries who have huge experience in helping humanity through aid to refugees, we decided to make the following donations to the local branches of the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees amounting to a total of around £56,000, divided as follows:

• £20,000 to the British Red Cross Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) which unites 15 member charities, all experts in humanitarian aid and specialists in different areas of disaster response.

• £20,000 to the UNHCR UK, UN Refugee Agency Ukraine Emergency Match Fund (Supported by HMG)

• €10,000 to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

• €10,000 euros to the Croix-Rouge de Monaco