Financial aid of €70.000 to the families of the 7 victims in Cyprus of the island’s first serial killer

The people of Cyprus remain in shock by the recent discovery of the appalling assassinations of five foreign women and their two young daughters by what is described as the island’s first serial killer. As a gesture of support towards the families of the murder victims, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation announces today, the grant of financial aid of €70,000 to the nearest relatives (next of kin) of the deceased. 

In particular, a lump-sum of €10.000 will be granted by a bank transfer to the next of kin of each victim. Thus, in the case of the two mothers who were murdered with their young daughters, a financial aid of €20.000 will be granted to their next of kin. The only precondition for this grant is that the next of kin must submit a written request for the grant to Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, providing evidence of their relation to the victim. The order of priority in determining the next of kin is as follows:  the spouse, followed by the father, mother, eldest adult child, eldest adult sibling. 

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said: “I have been monitoring the latest developments in this tragic case and I am as shocked like everyone else in Cyprus by the heinous crimes against these five women and their two daughters. They came to Cyprus for a better life, but they ended up losing their lives in a tragic way. I am aware that no money will ease the pain of the relatives of the deceased, but expressing the respect of my fellow Cypriots in the sanctity of the human being, irrespective of race, religion, nationality or any other criteria, I feel the need to help, so that the husbands, parents and children of the victims, will be able to cover some expenses that they may have during this difficult time.”

Regarding the process in order to receive the financial aid, the relatives of the victims must contact the representative of the Foundation in Cyprus, Mr. Marios Missirlis via email ( ), sending all the necessary information regarding their exact family relation to the deceased, contact details, and their Bank Account details (including IBAN). Beneficiaries may also get in touch for clarifications by visiting in person the headquarters of Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, 5 Markou Drakou street in Nicosia, Cyprus  (next to Ledra Palace, Monday to Friday, 08:00 -12:00, until the end of July 2019). The payments will be made by bank transfer during August 2019. 

Given that five of the victims are from the Philippines and two are from Romania, the announcement will be forwarded to the embassies of these countries in Cyprus and the Foundation will work with them to locate the next of kin of each of the victims. This announcement will also be forwarded to the local media in the Philippines and Romania. The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation is willing to pay for reasonable travel costs for the nearest relatives to visit Cyprus in order to facilitate the grants. The Foundation calls on the media to help in spreading the word in order to make it possible to reach the relatives of the victims and inform them about this grant. Distance in geography should not become an obstacle to giving this financial aid. 

Note to editors:  that Stelios Philanthropic Foundation did offer in 2018  similar financial aid in Greece, to the 100 or so  relatives of the victims of the fire in Mati, outside Athens last summer. The families’ participation in requesting the grand did reach 99%, whilst the sum of €505.000 was given to the relatives of the deceased.