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Food from the heart

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Food From The Heart

28th May 2013

easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has taken action to help alleviate the hardship arising from the current economic crisis in Cyprus. His food from the heart (FFTH) programme gives a helping hand to people in need - the poor, the hungry, the elderly as well as the disabled, the unemployed and those struggling on reduced incomes. The programme is operated on a strictly non-discriminatory basis and the only obligation of beneficiaries is to give their name, date of birth as well as a telephone number or email. (This is a requirement to eliminate fraud and ensure efficient stock ordering).

To download the full Press Release, click HERE

Since its launch on May 8 at the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation's Limassol headquarters, food from the heart offers a free lunchtime snack to people in need - plus a smile from the heart! Every effort will be made to source the raw materials from local food suppliers.

The opening recipe of a halloumi cheese and tomato/cucumber sandwich is available to those registered with the FFTH between 12-2 pm, Monday to Friday. By registering at the Stelios Foundation, claimants receive a swipe card, which can then be presented for one snack per day.

Less than three weeks after its launch, the Foundation can report that nearly 300 beneficiaries have already registered - with over 200 sandwiches handed over on Monday, 27th May alone. Initial observations show that not everybody will be coming every day but the ratio seems to be two recipients per three registered beneficiaries while the number of registrations is growing by about 10% - 20% per working day.

The typical site needs one coordinator, hired from the local community, who prepares the snacks in the morning for handing out at lunchtime The Foundation provides overall organization and support from its existing staff in Cyprus and London.

FFTH was designed as a positive and non-discriminatory effort to assist Cypriot residents and aims to complement existing charitable programmes run by the voluntary sector and churches.

Sir Stelios, who has pledged a 12-month commitment to the pilot programme, explains the rationale behind FFTH:

"Through the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, we already sponsor a number of initiatives to support business and the environment on the island. However, after the confiscation of bank deposits and the other measures taken two months ago, I realized that there must be more help for those facing the daily challenge of putting food on the table. With the food from the heart programme, I wanted to lend a helping hand in a positive and efficient way. Anyone can come to our office in Limassol and register to receive a snack - Monday through Friday - no questions asked."

Sir Stelios wants to roll out this programme to other communities on the island with the help of volunteer franchisees in return for compensation from the Foundation to reward the time and effort involved.

"Now is a good time for Cypriots to do their best to help each other," he concluded.

The FFTH is based at the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation between 12-2pm, Monday - Friday. Address: 8 Argyrou Drousioti St. 3041 Limassol; T: 25365118


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Food from the heart franchise:

Those Interested in becoming FFTH franchisees, who have a suitable kitchenette working area in their home or office and with access to a main street may contact us at T: 25365118 E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Typical premises include private homes but also vacant shops and other small outlets provided they have electricity and running water.

The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation will cover the costs of raw materials (the food supplies such as the bread, halloumi, butter, tomatoes or cucumbers) as well as the hardware: tables, cutting board, knives etc, a Point of Sale machine and swipe card, two fridges and other tools - all the hardware will be made available on a strict loan basis for return later.

The Foundation is willing to make a monthly payment to franchisees with suitable premises of around €0.30 per snack prepared and handed out to registered beneficiaries, on the basis of preparing and handing out, say, 300 snacks per day for the 20 working days in the month.

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Food From The Heart Food From The Heart Food From The Heart
Food From The Heart Food From The Heart Food From The Heart

Notes for Editors:

1. The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation concentrates on making a difference to society through a number of initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, higher education and environmental sustainability.

2. In addition to the Stelios Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus focused on bi-communal entrepreneurship, the Foundation supports business awards in the UK and Greece as well as scholarships to the London School of Economics and City University's Cass Business School. It also works closely with the WWF and other organizations in support of environmental education and sustainability.

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