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LSE says “a big thank you” to scholarship donors!

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1LSE’s interim Director Julia Black played host on the 1st of March to Donors & Scholars in the School’s newly refurbished library. In her speech of welcome she highlighted the generosity that made studying at the world renowned college a possibility for the less well off. 

 She was joined by student Aeshna Sarkar and scholarship donor Alison Rankin Frost who both highlighted the contribution that scholarships made to diversity of the student body.

The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation currently sponsors 30 students at the LSE (10 per academic year). During the event it was represented by Tracy Ghori and Richard Shackleton as well as scholars Irene Charalambous,

Angelina Mylona, Sifat Ahmed, Alamin Hussain, Kaman Liang, Shane Porter, Cristina Campo, Abiodun Adeyemi, Lukas Kurpys and Sotirios Paraskevopoulos.





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