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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou awarded 75 prizes to enhance Bi-Communal cooperation

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Today, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has awarded 75 Bi-Communal teams with cash
prizes of €10.000 each at the Award Ceremony (Stelios Bi-Communal Awards
2017) that took place at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia.

The aim of Sir Stelios’ philanthropic act for the last nine years, is to encourage
cooperation between the citizens of the two communities in Cyprus and to
establish lasting peace on the island. Since 2009, the total value of the awards
that were granted to Bi-Communal collaborations adds up to €2.750.000. This
year, the number of applications exceeded each precedent, as 850 Greek-
Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots collaborated and submitted their applications at
the Bi-Communal Awards.

During the Awards Ceremony, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said: “The attitude of all
Cypriots on the island towards the other community is changing in a positive and
favourable direction. This comes despite the apparent inability of the politicians
to find common ground. Our objective as a charity is to continue to build positive
co-operation between the “real people” of Cyprus to ensure lasting peace on the
island. I hope the politicians will follow the “real people” in due course.”

This year’s ceremony has managed to unite more people from the two
communities, as before awarding the 150 winners, all 850 applicants participated
at a compelling Conference that took place at the Filoxenia Conference Centre,
along with a panel of renowned journalists from both communities and
international Mass Media. The discussion was focused mainly on the Bi-
Communal relationships on the island, while many gave their opinions on how a
solution could work between the two communities.

Official list of the 76 winning teams , 152 people who will receive total grants of €760,000
approved by Stelios 20 October 2017 in Nicosia.
The winners are listed by category (according to their own self declaration in the application).
The number before the names is the serial number in which the application was received
the serial number is for internal reference purposes only

19 winning teams in the category of ARTS
3. Natalie Neophytou – Nihat Agdag (Chamber orchestra)
70. Anna Marangou – Zekai Altan (Art – Culture)
104. Kostas Limpouris –Niyazi Kizilyurek Translation in Turkish of the book ‘Epivates Fortigon’)
242. Maro Kyprianou – Mehmet Emin Eminoglu (“Dance for Peace” Dancing Group)
241. Maria Siakalli – Tamer Oncul (Poets and members of the Writers Association)
291. Marios Antoniou – Mine Atli (Children's Books Tell Stories of Peace)
4. Constantin Papageorgio- Gurhan Guray (String Quartet – musicians)
34. Louiza Kaimaki – Sezgi Yialin (Children book in 3 languages)
74. Marios Takoushis – Cahit Kutrafali (Jazz band musicians)
159. Andreas Chrysanthou – Arif Albayrak (Poetry book in both languages)
189. Ellada Evangelou – Esra Bardak (Gathering artists to perform)
196. Panayiota Charalambous (FFTH4) – Fulya Onay Food from the heart charity program
222. Stephanie Mylona – Gizem Oztinen (Photography buffer zone)
250. Hambis Tsangaris – Ruzen Atakan (Art exhibitions and workshops)
308. Girogos Galinis – Ali Nebih (Folkore dance festival)
314. Petros Iosifidis – Serhat Selisik (Sun baked adobe brick making)
317. Andri Hadjiandreou – Serkan Ozcezarli (Collaboration under cultural Intelligence Center)
323. Charalambia Theophanous – Hayriye Ruzgar (Buffer Fringe performing arts festival)
368. Pambos Georgiou – Ergin Kemal Birinci (Contractors/architects collaboration) 

14 winning teams in the category of Business
25. Elena Christou – Kadir Yorgancioglu (Granite / marble traders)
90. Marilena Evangelou –Cenk Mutluyakali (Chief editors in Politis and Yeniduzen newspapers)
265. Antonis Lefconiciatis – Ozfer Ozatay (Fish trading / marketing)
27. Ellena Karamallaki –Ece Sahir (Fashion designers)
18. Konstantinos Georgiou – Umut Ersoy (Organic farming)
132. Leonidas Paschalides – Kemal Baykalli (GC & TC Chambers of Commerce activities)
237. Christakis Stylianou – Kenan Hurdeniz (Fish merchants)
247. Christodoulos Theocharides – Ugur Akiner (Coffee vending machines)
251. Panayiotis Theodorou –Hakan Ruslu (iCheers drinks application)
277. Miltos Nicolaou – Salih Zeki (Printing business)
287. Stelios Michael –Gulay Sahmaran (Care service company for elders etc.)
297. Tonia Georgiou – Benan Yorgancioglu (Hand made soy candle wax trading)
299. Eleni Roussounidou – Yonca Senyigit (Internet www.mandiratimes.com)
377. Magda Zenon – Selma Bolayir (Promotion of women in business) 

 12 winning teams in the category of NGOs (not for profit)
78. Marina Kadi – Mehves Onun (‘’Books-bridges for Peace” -
123. Ioli Orphanides – Hatice Ozalp (Birthforward health)
214. Elias Pantelides –Mustafa Balcioglu (Museum artifacts collection)
230. Marios Psaras – Hilmi Tekoglu (Thin Green Line - a bicommunal documentary film )
31. George Vou – Dogukan Mouezzinler (Cyprus Garden Project – natural health food)
76. Michael Ierides –Serife Gunduz (CYMEPA – enviromental projects)
85. Alexandros Lordos – Ilke Dagli (SEED project)
114. Antonis Petrides – Meric Erulku (Environmental seminars and campaigns)
275. Zoe Kakota – Erman Dolmaci (AIDS Solidarity Movement & the Queer Cyprus Association)
336. Giorgos Tzivas – Hasan Nazli (Robotics lessons to students)
342. Orthodoxia Mina – Didem Eroglu (participation of young people in volunteering)
special entry Marios Missirlis - Emete Igme organizers of the Stelios awards in Cyprus

11 winning teams in the category of OTHER
1. Androulla Shati – Selcuk Garanti (Research on Cyprus songs – traditional musicians)
219. Helene Black – Aysu Arsoy (Research about social networking)
26. Sylvina Constantinou –Melisa Beyaz (homeless animal shelter)
210. Nestoras Nestoros - Gulden Kucuk (Comittee for missing persons)
17. Michael Constantinou – Fezile Ozatac (Cancer Rehabilitation Centre)
35. Andreas Synainou – Ramazan Yeser (Nurses)
41. Georgios Poullos – Caner Arca (Doctors)
73. Merope Michael – Azis Ener (Bi-lingual Conference ‘The Left and the Cyprus Problem’)
119. Maria Christou – Hasan Kobat (Bi-communal photograph and poster exhibition)
328. Giorgos Frangos – Mustafa Kortun (Journalists holding joint events)
345. Pantelis Hadjifessas – Hulusi Manisoy (Agia Marina village,) 

9 Married couples / partners in life
12. Anna Constantinou – Ayhan Mustafa aka Markos Constantinou
24. Michalis Michael – Sukran Ozerdem
75. Christina Demetriades – Gokhan Acar
77. Larkos Larkou – Hatice Ardost
79. Andri Christoudia – Serkan Gumuskut
86. Georgios Georgiou – Nilufer Tosun
129. Nicholas Moudouros – Ayse Moudourou
161. Lazaros Lazarou – Cemile Mustafa
316. Michail Tsiknakis – Tanur Tsiknakis 

8 winning teams in the category of Science
112. Costas Apostolides – Erdal Guryay (Economics research for green line transactions)
266. Louis Hadjiioannou – Bourak Ali Cicek (Marine biologists)
424. Panayiotis Pantelides –Umut Bozkurt (convergence observatory)
33. Christina Kouta – Hakan Sonya ( femicide cases in Cyprus)
51. Leondios Kostrikis – Nazife Sultanoglu (Doctors – PhD research)
95. Stelios Tryfon – Mehmet Burhan (Astronomy)
98. Michael Tsapparlias – Okan Dagli (Doctors)
347. Natalie Christopher – Ozlem Unver (Astronomy activities in schools) 

3 winning teams in the category of Sport
11. Larrys Phylactou – Caner Aspava (Cyprus Masters Swimmers)
100. Christoforos Konstantinides – Nihat Akterzi ( Cypriot National Team in Olympic Trap)
217. Thomas Anastassiades – Hasan Denerel (Badminton tournament) 

76 grand total number of winning teams to receive €760,000 ,
76 teams comprise 152 people who including their families , associates etc benefit
more than one thousand people in bicommunal activities 

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Highlights of the 2017 Stelios Bi-Communal Awards in Cyprus  


22829231_10155962063354345_4504651512431787577_oSir Stelios welcoming the audience

22499058_10155962063579345_2364304603526326391_oThe Deputy Special Adviser of the Secretary-General (DSASG) on Cyprus, Ms. Elizabeth Spehar & the Greek Cypriot negotiator, Mr. Andreas Mavroyiannis

22769881_10155962063164345_5105702259459824629_oSir Trevor McDonald (ITN newsreader and journalist)

22792317_10155962063169345_6147171883146928132_oSir Trevor McDonald (ITN newsreader and journalist)

22829837_10155962063349345_4463589564597698525_oNick Danziger (photographer)

22770941_10155962063174345_1265132118528992101_oHelena Smith (The Guardian journalist)

22770745_10155962063159345_8609466618644189226_oAysu Basri (Genç TV journalist)

22770666_10155962063344345_4724442254254614837_oNicolas Markantonis (SIGMA TV journalist)

22769672_10155962063574345_6917159953541722276_oThe moderators

22770610_10155962063359345_3264295792663228863_oThe Deputy Special Adviser of the Secretary-General (DSASG) on Cyprus, Ms. Elizabeth Spehar

22770697_10155962063584345_7852028262948803690_oThis year's winners 


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