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Our responce to COVID-19

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The Stelios Philanthripic Foundation in view of the unprecedented situation as a result of the Covid-19 crisis has had to make changes in the way it gives back to society.

Sir Stelios has pledged to give GBP1m in the next few months to various good causes relating to the COVID-19 in the UK.

Other sums relative to the local needs and the local population will be made available in the other home countries.

The first such Covid-19 specific giving was the GBP150k offered as a thank you gift to the some 4750 front line carers working in the Leonard Cheshire homes.

Other programs such as the food from the heart program in Greece and Cyprus has had to be curtailed to observe the social distancing rules.

The entrepreneurship awards scheduled for the UK , Greece and Cyprus will be postponed for 2021.

We are looking for new ways to help the local communities at this time of crisis – please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any suggestions.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Founder & President


United Kingdom : 

£250k Royal College of Nursing for 1000 £250 Stelios Says Thank you Awards for front line London based nurses, midwives & healthcare workers that are on lower salary bands.

£250k The British Red Cross for 1000 staff in front line positions across their independent living, crisis response and refugee services sectors will receive a £250 John Lewis voucher each.

£150k Leonard Cheshire 5,000 front line carers received £30 John Lewis voucher as a thank you.

£25 Glass Door Homeless Charity Covid-19 appeal keeping vital services open to homeless people in need providing practical & emotional support. 

£5k Fresh Food to the Front Line with Tim Slesinger easyStorage, delivering fresh food boxes to the NHS front line staff and the vulnerable.  easyStorage is putting its fleet of trucks to good use taking care of the transportation www.freshfoodforthefrontline.com


€300k  in Ticket Restaraunt vouchers given to 3.000 frontline nurses dealing with COVID-19 at 25 hospitals in the Attica region . Each of the beneficiaries received a booklet of vouchers worth of €100 .

Also 70.000 Croissants that are usually distributed by Food from the Heart was given to the Municipalities for them to distribute. 


€100k in Ticket Restaurant vouchers given to 2000 frontline nurses at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre . Each of the beneficiaries received a booklet of vouchers worth of €50 . 


€100k in Ticket Restaurant vouchers given to 1000 frontline nurses of 6 public hospitals responsible for dealing with COVID-19 . Each of the beneficiaries received a booklet of vouchers worth of €100 .