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The Monaco Blue Initiative

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Under the direction of H.S.H. Albert II of Monaco, 32 patrons of the Ocean will gather on 31 March and 1 April 2010 at the Monaco Oceanographic Museum as part of the commemoration of its 100th anniversary. Their goal will be to create a club of reflection and action for the protection of the oceans.

NGOs and the international scientific community strive to alert both the public opinion and policy makers on the rapid degradation of our seas and oceans, due in part to global warming but also to the process of over-exploitation. The situation is not made any easier due to a lack of consultation between the various parties involved. 

By creating a group of reflection and action led by 32 international figures called the" Monaco Blue Initiative", supported by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and implemented by the Oceanographic Institute and the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, Monaco will propose initiatives on these two main themes which will be discussed during the workshops:

The Deep Sea: new biodiversity in need of protection Large marine species, the keystone for marine ecosystems.

These personalities will debate on the above marine issues on 31 March and 1 April 2010. On 1 April a session will be open to the public in the afternoon, with the participation of figures such as Craig Venter who is one of the pioneers of "artificial life" as shown in the genome sequencing:

14h30 - 15h00

Recent news on the Ocean Dominique Leglu, chief editor of Sciences et Avenir magazine

15h00 - 15h30

Presentation by Prof. Craig Venter, President of Venter Institute  15h30 - 


Plenary closing session and restitution of works in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

To view video footage from the event... click HERE

Sir Stelios and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation hold the 4th annual cocktail party in aid of WWF

€192,000, including Sir Stelios doubling, were raised at yesterday's 4th annual fundraiser to support the work of WWF and Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco to safeguard the "Pelagos Sanctuary" and the Mediterranean.

Sir Stelios and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation hold the third annual cocktail party in aid of WWF

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and HSH Prince Albert II co-hosted their third annual fundraising cocktail party in aid of the work of WWF protecting endangered species.

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