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"Food from the heart"19 distribution points in Greece & Cyprus, more than 4,000,000 snacks distributed the last 3 years

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cutmypic_1Stelios Haji-Ioannou's charitable programme "Food from the heart" constantly expands its work.It has been offering, since its inception three years ago, 4,000,000 snacks "from the heart" through 19 distribution points in Greece and Cyprus. It is worth noting that the most recent distribution point opened 1 month ago, in Evripidou Street in Athens, already serves 1,300 people daily.

 Three years ago, in May 2013, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet, easyGroup Group and Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, announced the launch of the programme "Food from the heart" in Cyprus, aiming to offer a free snack and a smile from the heart to people who really need it without any racial, religious and social discrimination.

A year later, the programme started in Athens at the Foundation's building in Germanikou Street 18 in Kerameikos. Soon the "Food from the heart" extended in Drapetsona, and other areas in Attica, reaching a total of 15 distribution points in Greece. 

Moreover, the programme is in collaboration with the "oloi mazi boroume" (All together we can) and the Philanthropic Organisation of the Archdiocese of Athens "Apostoli" (Mission) through which have been distributed in the last year 1,000,000 snacks. 

The response was and remains high, underlining the need for actions that shape a better everyday life, amid the economic crisis. The fact that in Cyprus lately, the demand has been reduced, only positive can be characterized. Unfortunately in Greece there is an increase of those who apply for participation in the programme. 

For the inspirer of the "Food from the heart" programme, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou "The best news would be a day, in the not too distant future, our fellow citizens no longer need us. It would be a great joy, one day not to have people in our distribution points and end the programme. But until then we will be there to help our fellow people in need, both in Greece and Cyprus." 

Distribution Points


1  Argyrou Drousioti 8, Limassol
2  Florinis 5, Kapsalos, Limassol
3  Lysis 9, Limassol
4  Corner Palias Ilektrikis (ex Apostolou Varnava) & Eptanisou 57, Nicosia


5   Germanikou 18, Keramikos, Athens
6   Psarron 26, Drapetsona, Piraeus
7   Municipality's Square, Samos
8   Kapota military camp, Stratigou Kallari 1, Acharnai, Athens
9   Church of Saint John the Baptist, Papafi 33, Thessaloniki
10  Saint Andrew's chucrh 14, Νέα Σμύρνη
11  Metropolis of Mantinia & Kinouria, Agiou Vassiliou Square, Tripoli
12  Metropolis of Karpenisi, Dimokratias 1, Karpenisi
13 Metropolis of Etolia & Akarnania, Archiepiskopou Damaskinou                10, Mesolonghi
14  Metropolis of Drama, Filippou 10, Drama
15  Metropolis of Zante & Strofadon, Markovic 1, Zante
16  Marias Chatzikiriakou 21, Piraeus
17  L.Poseidonos 40, Alimos
18  Sachtouri 6, Koridalos
19  Evripidou 10, Athens

Press Release in Greek 

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The Foundation's new distribution point in the centre of Athens 
(Evripidou street) 

snacks_ffthThe currently distributed snacks

evripidou_ffth_21july16People waiting for their snacks in Evripidou (photo taken on the 21st of July 2016 at 8a.m.)
cutmypic_1Stelios Philanthropic Foundation "Food from the heart" Programme free distribution of snacks per month September 2015-July 2016 


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