Doukas High School


Logo100_en Sir Stelios graduated from Doukas high school in 1984 with a diploma qualifying him for further study at the London School of Economics. Now the easyJet founder plans to give back €500k to Doukas over the next five years in recognition of its inspirational educational opportunities.

This donation will allow three students annually from challenging backgrounds to study for the three year LIKION (international baccalaureate) course.

For more information on Doukas scholarships, please click below.

Doukas Scholarships

Stelios' 2018 Doukas Scholars (4th Year)
  • Ioannis Ntogias
  • Sotiris Maragkos
  • Revela Maria - Nefelh

Stelios' 2017 Doukas Scholars (3rd Year)

  • Bouka Rania
  • Georgopoulou Paraskevi
  • Paraskevopoulou Margarita

Stelios' 2016 Doukas Scholars (2nd Year)

  • Dapola Danai
  • Mastrogiannis Dimitrios
  • Tsatsalma Aikaterini

Stelios' 2015 Doukas Scholars (1st Year)

  • Chamilaki Martha
  • Kalaides George
  • Lerou Demetra Ilektra