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Food From The Heart in Greece & Cyprus

27june16cFood from the heart in Greece and in Cyprus hands out 25,000 snacks per day!



The Food from the heart programme in Greece & in Cyprus. Big queues in Evripidou in Athens.

 03/11/2016 Star News
Stelios Haji-Ioannou's charitable programme "Food from the heart" constantly expands its work.It has been offering, since its inception three years ago, 5,000,000 snacks "from the heart" through 21 distribution points in Greece and Cyprus. It is worth noting that the most recent distribution point opened 5 month ago, in Evripidou Street in Athens, already serves 2,200 people daily.


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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has taken action to help alleviate the hardship arising from the current economic crisis in Cyprus and Greece with the Food from the heart programme. By handing out a free lunchtime snack to pre-registered beneficiaries, Food from the heart aims to help unemployed/low paid individuals and their families until they are able to provide for themselves again.





Food from the heart 1
Argirou Drousioti

8 Argirou Drousioti Street
Limassol, Cyprus
Monday to Friday, 09:00-10:30


Food from the heart 2

5 Florinis Street, Kapsalos
Limassol, Cyprus
Monday to Friday, 12:30-14:00 


Food from the heart 3
Lysis Street

9 Lysis Street
Limassol, Cyprus
Monday to Friday, 12:30-14:00  


Food from the heart 4
Palias Ilektrikis

Corner Palias Ilektrikis (ex Apostolou Varnava) & Eptanisou 57, 2051
Nicosia, Cyprus
Monday to Friday, 09:30-11:30  


Food from the heart 5 Kerameikos, Athens

Germanikou 18A,  
104 36
Athens, Greece  
Monday to Friday, 13:00-16:00  


Food from the heart 6

Psarron 26
185 46
Piraeus, Greece 
Monday to Friday, 07:30-11:00  

Food from the heart 16

Marias Chatzikiriakou 21
185 38
Piraeus, Greece
Monday to Friday, 06:30-10:00  


Food from the heart 17

L.Poseidonos 40
174 55
Alimos, Greece
Monday to Friday, 12:00-15:00  


Food from the heart 18
Ano Koridalos

Sachtouri 6
181 22
Koridallos, Greece
Monday to Friday, 07:30-11:00  


Food from the heart 19

Evripidou 10
105 59
Athens, Greece
Monday to Friday, 07:30-12:00  

Food from the heart 20

7, Ferah Sokak
Lefkosa, Nicosia, Cyprus
Monday to Friday, 08:00-09:30  

Food from the heart 21
Charilaou Trikoupi

Charilaou Trikoupi 118
114 72
Athens, Greece
Monday to Friday, 13:00-16:00