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The deadline for the Greek Awards 2016 is approaching. Apply now until the 1st of October 2016!

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23 September 2016 posted by Kostas Seretis

greek_awards_2016_logo_attempt2-page-001_2The deadline for application submissions for the «STELIOS HAJI-IOANNOU AWARD FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2016 IN GREECE », concludes on October 1st.

This significant annual initiative by Sir Stelios Haji-ioannou, easyJet, easyGroup and Stelios Philanthropic Foundation founder, highlights and supports young entrepreneurship in Greece. This year the award has significant changes regarding the application process and the prize offered to the winners.

For the first time in the nine-year history of the awards , the final winners elected will be 8 and will receive €100.000 in total, which is the double amount of what was offered in 2015 and essentially, the largest amount given so far. The first winner will receive €30.000 and the remaining 7 winners, will each receive €10.000. It is worth noting that since 2008 and until today, the award has supported young entrepreneurship in Greece with the overall amount of €500.000. The Award addresses exclusively young businessmen and businesswomen in Greece, who are up to 40 years old (born in 1976 the latest), have started their business activity in the past 7 years and have achieved a total of €10.000 turnover in a year. Their business should employ at least two people and the businessman who is entering the competition, should hold at least 50% of it. In case the company owners are two people, both of them should hold the 80% of their business.

An additional change to this year’s Awards refers to the application submission which, for the first time, is exclusively completed online, through Facebook. All candidates should like the official Stelios Philanthropic Foundation page, join the group Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece 2016 and hence, submit their application.

Former winners and applicants from previous years are welcomed to participate again, provided that they follow the new process and they meet the criteria.

This year’s Awards ceremony will take place in Athens, on October 31st 2016.

Companies awarded so far, are: Sede (2015), Ancient Greek Sandals (2014), Nanobionic (2013), People for Business (2012), Fereikos Helix (2011), Fasmetrics (2010), Zoo.gr (2009) and Simply Burgers (2008).

More information on the Awards and the criteria for participating is available at www.stelios.org, through e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by dialing +377 9880 1010 (office hours). Applications will be accepted only through Facebook. 

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