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Sir Stelios awarded 50 prizes to enhance bi-communal cooperation

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bi-communal_awards_with_checksSir Stelios Haji-Ioannou granted today 50 cash prizes of €10,000 to Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots, as an endeavor to consolidate the island's bi-communal relations. The aim of the charitable work of Sir Stelios is to establish lasting peace on the island.


During the awards ceremony held today in Nicosia, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said, that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots participation in this year’s bicommunal Awards exceeded all expectations, as the number of teams doubled to reach 215, which is a new record number. He pointed out that the great response was due to the excellent publicity received by the contest page of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation on Facebook. Sir Stelios added, “We gave the opportunity to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to join the group Stelios Cyprus Bi-Communal Awards 2016 on Facebook, to meet each other, to network and develop partnerships”.

President Nikos Anastasiades, who attended the Awards Ceremony and greeted, said that the Stelios Foundation not only rewards the efforts to promote and develop joint projects between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in different areas, but actively contributes to strengthening socio-economic ties between the two communities. President Anastasiades emphasized that the success of the awards is not surprising, since Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots worked together for decades, proving that their common denominator, which is their Cypriot identity and the desire to prosper together, is strong and durable.

“My presence here today sends a clear message that the Republic of Cyprus remains sincerely committed to support such bi-communal initiatives that support our efforts at the negotiation table, which aim to achieve a comprehensive solution which will end the unacceptable status quo and will reunite our country, its people, its economy and its institutions, "said President Anastasiades.

Remarkably, since 2009 the overall value of prizes for bicommunal cooperation amounts to EUR 2 million.

The list of 50 winning bi-communal teams is:

1. Chara Savvidou, Neshe Yashin – Exhibition and Poetry Book in Greek and Turkish

2. Harris Kafkarides, Yasar Ersoy – A web page & book which records the 30 collaborating years of Satiriko & Belediye theatre

3. Costas Kafkarides, Aliye Ummanel – Joint theatre events

4. Natalie Neophytou, Nihat Agdac – Bi-communal chamber orchestra

5. Vasilis Htisti, Zafer Biler – Joint restaurant in the North

6. Marios Nicolaou, Vasvi Ciftcioglu – Souvenir postcards made with recycled paper

7. Yiannis Papadikos, Tibet Nidai – Fish merchants

8. Konstantinos Ahniotis, Nahide Merlen – Bi-communal children’s book

9. Michael Theodorou, Niyazi Kizilyurek – Turkish translation of GC poet’s Vasilis Michaelides work

10. Socrates Stratis, Esra Can Akbil – Bi-communal team of architects/designers for the reconstruction of Famagusta after the solution

11. Gaston Neocleous, Tuncer Huseyin Bagiskan – Social, cultural and entertaining activities island wide

12. Angeliki Yiassemides, Mehves Beyidoglu Onen – Trilingual primary school

13. Sotia Adamidou, Simge Kahvecioglu Zekican – The Cyprus Friendship Program (8 years) an all volunteer peace building project

14. Olga Demetriou, Murat Ilican – Developing of an urban natural vegetable garden

15. Paul Costeas, Övgü Once – Bi-communal donor campaigns

16. Mike Michael, Sukran Ozerdem Michael - Married couple with a son

17. Antriani Charalambous, Mehmet Birinci – Couple in life and business partners

18. Larkos Larkou, Hatice Ardost – Married couple and musicians

19. Vangelis Eleftheriou, Gunce Kozal – Obstacle runs across Cyprus countryside

20. Tania Matsouka, Nazo Canitez – Yoga / climbing retreats

21. Michalis Pantelides, Mustafa Elmas – Tango teachers / classes

22. Nicolas Costantinou, Ayse Karaoglan – Bi-communal concert (8 musicians)

23. Panicos Stelikos, Mehmet Gökyiğit – Photography exhibitions island wide

24. Antigoni Kyriakidou, Mehmet Yiğiter – Cyprus Accordion Association

25. Argyro Toumazou, Irina Tryfon, Ozgul Ezgin – Confrontation through Art project (visual arts)

26. Constantinos Kyprianou, Barçın Gökbörü – ‘Music Unites The World’ - Musicians

27. Anna Prodromou, Sami Özuslu – Documentary ‘Ghost Airport of the Divided Capital City”

28. Elena Christou, Kadir Yorgancıoğlu – Granite / Marble traders

29. Sotiris Antoniou, Kutret Balcı – Honey producers

30. Andreas Louras, Bozdağ Balikçilik – Fish merchants

31. George Pixios Kyriacou, Mehmet Nasiboğlu – Electrical contractors

32. Prodromos Prodromou, Mustafa Darbaz – Potato traders

33. Zenos Lemis, Minhan Sagiroglou – Lawyers and partners with mutual clients on both sides

34. Anna Marangou, Orhan Tolun – Walks and Talks in historical and archaeological sites

35. Andreas Christou, Yücem Rasımoğlu – Bi - communal projects (4) in Limassol

36. Giorgos Georgiou, Nerkis Musa – Publishing of traditional cooking book in both languages

37. Maro Kyprianou, Mehmet Emin Eminoglu – Bicommunal folkloric dance group

38. Rita Severis, Gulden Plumer Kuchuk – Bicommunal museum

39. Elias Pantelides, Mustafa Balcioglu – ‘Acheon Akti Polythematic Museum’ at Karpasi peninsula

40. Stelios Diamantis, Ramadan Gilanlıoğulları – ‘Kilani Village Expatriates Association’ organisation of local events

41. Maro Emmanuel, Mehmet Hoca – Activists for the renovation / rebuilding of Ayia Marina village

42. Marianna Kokota, Duriye Gokcebag – Greek and Turkish language courses

43. Xenia Loizidou, Serdar Atai – Marine Litter Cyprus – Island wide project for the marine environment

44. Antouanetta Katsioloudi, Belgin Demirel – Raising funds for programs for disabled people

45. Michalis Tsiknakis, Tanur Sertuglu – Married couple

46. Constantinos Hadjichristofi, Ceren Ataker Etci – Married couple

47. Marilena Evangelou, Cenk Mutluyakalı – Journalists at Politis and Yeniduzen. Both papers are cooperating

48. Andreas Splash Kyriacou, Uygar Erdim – ‘GeekOtopos’ – Workspace for creative professionals

49. Larrys Phylactou, Hassan Ejkein – Masters Swimmers (veterans), taking part at swimming competitions in Cyprus and abroad

50. Antonis Hajiroussos, Özgür Tahiroğlu – Sustainable tourism at Kormakitis village        

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