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Record number of participants for Stelios Bi - Communal Awards!

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Stelios_Cyprus_Award_2016__HQ_The number of contenders has doubled for the prize

Press Release

The interest of Greek and Turkish Cypriots to participate in the 8th Stelios Bi-Communal Awards 2016 exceeded each precedent. This year, the number of contenders for the awards doubled reaching 215, which is a new participation record for Stelios Awards.

Due to the excellent communication and publicity that the Awards contest received through the Facebook platform, engaging participants through the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation page, giving more impetus to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots for networking and developing partnerships, the number of contestants is greater than ever. Continuous interaction and contact of people from both communities through the Foundation page on Facebook, reinforced even more the climate of understanding and trust and the formation of cooperatives.

The deadline expired at midnight on July 16th and applications of Bi-Communal groups formed are mostly related to the fields of business, arts, sports, science; contributions were also made by non-profit organizations and partners in life.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in October 2016 in  Nicosia and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou will be offering for the first time € 500.000, rewarding a total of 50 teams that can win €10.000 each, with a total amount of two million euros been awarded since 2009.

For more information visit: Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Stelios Cyprus Bi-Communal Awards 2016 or www.stelios.org

Press Release in English
Press Release in Greek

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