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Past Winners

Melira Honey

Stelios Award Winners 2017

MELIRA Greek Honey was the first winner for 2017, a company which, building on a family know-how, produces premium, single-origin honeys, as well as a range of other products, based on pure Greek honey. MELIRA specializes in the unique blending of single-origin honeys with other bee products, such as pollen, propolis and royal jelly, highlighting their diversity based on their plant origin and their exceptional Greek pure characteristics.  

Apart from MELIRA Greek Honey which received the amount of €30.000, seven more companies won the amount €10.000 each. These companies are:
  • Agro Knowa company operating in the field of Research and information development on ecological and agricultural issues.
  • Athens Insiders, a company that provides specialized tourism services.
  • Chimera, a company that produces products based on Greek wine.
  • Choureal, pastry shop specialized in profiterole.
  • Elixirhealth and beauty center.
  • Relevance, a company that offers digital advertising services.
  • Sea You Soona company that produces beach towels.

Sun of a beach 

Stelios Award Winners 2016

ELLI ROUNTOU & MELINA PISPA of Sun of a Beach, received the amount of €30.000. The company was one of the three shortlisted companies for the Award in 2015 and specializes in producing and selling sea towels, key summer-time accessories, while promoting the «made in Greece» concept and the Greek summer, globally. The company holds a very powerful, original name and an innovative, high quality product that focuses on very creative prints and special fabrics. The aim is to have a very solid international wholesale network and a communication policy that will promote Sun of a Beach’s competitive advantage: a beachwear brand, «born and bread» in the country that is synonymous to summer, Greece. S
Seven additional companies were offered the total amount of €70.000, amongst a total of 67 entries. These companies are:

· Agnotis of Mr. Jacko Carasso, a company specializing on the online sale of baby diapers.
· Apifon of Mr. Constantine Stroumbakis, a company providing innovative mobile services (sms messaging) and mobile applications.
· Glowbox of Ms. Catherine Liberi, a beauty e-shop where its members receive and evaluate beauty products, earn "GLOWpoints" and redeem them at the company’s e-shop.
· Isostevia of Mr. Anthony Panagotas, a company specializing in the production and distribution of 100% natural stevia products.
· Mermix of Mr. Christos Stamatis, a company which offers exchange services for agricultural machinery.
· Finest Roots of Mr. Manos & Mr. Nikolas Smyrlakis, a traditional liqueur company 
· Sleed of Mr. Stylianos Iliakis & Mr. Evangelos Kotsonis, provider of innovative e-business and digital marketing services. 


Stelios Award Winner 2015

Sede, which is located in Thessaloniki, is a hair salon business that offers personalized beauty services. The company has been chosen by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou for the Award, because in only three years of operation, it has successfully developed a sustainable business activity and plan which is based on innovation and quality and has managed to prevail in the beauty business sector.

Greek Ancient Sandals

Stelios Award Winner 2014

Stelios and winners Nikolas Minoglou and Christina Martini of Ancient Greek Sandals

The entrepreneurs behind Ancient Greek Sandals are Nikolas Minoglou & Christina Martini. The company, which has its headquarters at Inofita, creates high quality leather handmade ancient sandals using the best raw materials. Ancient Greek Sandals is one of a few Greek companies almost exclusively export orientated. Since 2011, when they started to operate, the company has managed to become a top foreign fashion brand synonymous with the style from ancient times. Moreover, the fact that the company is completely self-funded with zero debt, makes its success even more impressive.


Stelios Award Winner 2013

Stelios and winners Nanobionic 2013

Based in Athens, Nanobionic has developed high technology, efficient clothes that recycle the body's energy, boosting the body's strength and resistance, reducing the appearance of cellulite and fatigue. The company was selected for its pioneering technology as well as its dynamic presence outside Greece with dealerships and online shops in over 40 countries and 5,6 million euro turnover.

People for Business

Stelios Award Winner 2012

Stelios Award Winner 2012

Based in Athens - Marousi, People for Business is a pioneer and dynamic HR consulting firm, accredited by the Greek Association of Chief Executive Officers, for Career Support Issues. They provide specialized and exclusive HR services, on Executive and Middle level. Founded in 2007 People for Business has placed over 750 people and has helped more than 19 people to create their own companies.


Stelios Award Winner 2011


Fereikos-Helix is based in Corinth and deals with the development of open snail farms in full biological cycle globally. The company started operating in Greece in late 2007. In January 2008, Fereikos-Helix signed a contract with the International Institute of Snail-farming based in Italy and became the exclusive representative for Greece. Fereikos-Helix in less than a year managed to increase the number of snail-breeding units from 70 to 154, creating 200 new jobs. In 2009 their company was awarded the "Golden Snail Award" as the best company in the world for the development of this activity in Greece, by the International Institute of Snail Farming and in 2011 won the International Prize of Snail Farming.


Stelios Award Winner 2010

Fastmetrics winners 2010 Fasmetrics is the first Greek company excelling in construction studies and electromagnetic radiation measurements. Founded in September 2005 by electricians and electronic engineers with long years of experience in electromagnetic fields, electronics and telecommunications. The company is making significant achievements in Greek and International markets by investing in new areas such as applied research in microelectronics and radioelectronics. Fasmetrics is a company founded by young people and invests in young people.

Stelios Award Winner 2009 is the largest Greek social network with more than 900,000 different users each month. Launched in April 2004. Provides a variety of services such as building profiles, games, video chat, forum, and messenger, Web TV, fan clubs and more. It is essentially a social networking site with emphasis on gaming. won the Gold Hermes at Hermes Awards 2006 and became the Internet Service of the Year in Tech Excellence 2008.

Simply Burger

Stelios Award Winner 2008

Simply Burger winners 2008 The rapidly growing chain of 17 quality fast food restaurants that offers a dining experience, developed through a unique amalgam of branding, premium quality materials, friendly and professional service. Aimed at people who want a fresh, tasty and quick meal in the restaurant, at home or office. Founded in 2004 and today has 190 employees. The company's turnover in 2006 was € 1.6 million with net income of 160 thousand €, and in 2007 € 3.1 million with net income of 370 thousand €. The forecast for 2008 is the turnover to reach € 5.3 million and net profit of 650 thousand €. Their philosophy is embodied in the phrase 'the fresher the ingredients the better the taste."