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Application procedure (as at 09 May 2018)

The awards are presented to 8 young entrepreneurs, men or women.

The criteria are:

  • The Entrepreneur must be younger than 40 years old (born in 1978 or later)
  • He or she must have created a business in Greece in the last 5 years with a minimum turnover of 10,000€ per annum
  • At least 2 staff 
  • Own more than 50% of the company
  • In case of 2 applicants from the same business, together they should own more than 80% of the company between them.

Instructions for filling and sending the application form:

All applicants are expected to like our Facebook page Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, join the public group “Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece 2018”, where they will be able to download the PDF of the application form.

1)       Open the PDF file.

2)       Fill blank cells by typing in. No handwritten forms will be considered. Make sure you tick all the right boxes.

3)       Click on File (top left of the PDF).

4)       Click on “Save as” and then select PDF.

5)       In saving the PDF make sure you name the document by using the applicant(s) last name(s) & date of application.

6)       Save.

7)       Attach PDF to inbox message to the Facebook page Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and type in the main body of the message: “GREECE2018”. Send it until the 6th July 2018.

Additionally, the winner/winners must be aware of the fact that they will be called, in the next few months, to give interviews to magazines etc. Furthermore the winner might be asked to participate in promotional projects for youth entrepreneurship. The candidates must know that throughout the process the literary property and other sensitive information that is related to their business will be protected.


Evaluation Process

The application forms can be sent in our inbox on Facebook until the 6th July. It is recommended for the candidates to send their forms as soon as possible so as the inquiry team will have sufficient time for any clarifications.


Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee consists of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and his team.


The awards will be presented to the young entrepreneurs in September 2018, in Athens.