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new_logo_2 Armed with an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance, Stelios graduated from the Cass School of business in 1989, shortly thereafter embarking on his career in shipping (with Stelmar) and, famously, transportation (easyJet). As such, he would like to support the next generation in both these fields.

Two of the ten, annual Stelios Scholarships are dedicated to students studying the MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance; one of the Scholarships is intended for a student either in the MSc in Energy, Trade and Finance or the MSc in Logistics, Trade and Finance. One scholarship has been allotted for an MBA student.

The remaining six Scholarships are for students in a Finance-related, post-graduate degree program at Cass.

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Cass Scholarships

Stelios' 2017 Cass Scholars (12th Year)
  • Hamza Shah
  • Alexandros Piperakis 
  • Panayiota Hadjidemetriou
  • Aurel Ferizolli
  • Ioannis Veryvakis
  • Georgios Pyrinis
  • Andreas Ermogenides

Stelios' 2016 Cass Scholars (11th Year)

Stelios' 2015 Cass Scholars (10th Year)

Stelios' 2014 Cass Scholars (9th Year)

Stelios' 2013 Cass Scholars (8th Year)

Stelios' 2012 Cass Scholars (7th Year)

Stelios' 2011 Cass Scholars (6th Year)

Stelios' 2010 Cass Scholars (5th Year)

Stelios' 2009 Cass Scholars (4th Year)

Stelios' 2008 Cass Scholars (3rd Year)

Stelios' 2007 Cass Scholars (2nd Year)

Stelios' 2006 Cass Scholars (1st Year)



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Stelios' Scholars

The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation supports education by offering scholarship at the LSE, Cass Business School and Doukas High School (Athens).

LSC Stelios Scholarship

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Doukas Scholarships
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