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The Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece

The Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece 2008

11th September 2009

Introduced to acclaim in 2008, the Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece builds on Stelios' entrepreneurial drive and his desire to inspire other young, future business leaders in Greece.

While Greece has produced its share of business successes – think of the dynasties built up in shipping and trade – it is a country not often associated with entrepreneurship. "Even within Greece, many people perceive that Greek businesses are typically big conglomerates or small mom-and-pop shops; so there aren't many opportunities to celebrate the dynamic young growing ventures resulting from modern entrepreneurial activity" says Sarah Dodd, professor at ALBA Graduate School of Business, a leading business school in Athens and administrator of the Stelios Award. "As a native son of Greece and a highly successful entrepreneur Europe-wide, Stelios can make a real, positive impact on the business scene here by inspiring young, future business mavericks."



€1 million to be won by Cypriot entrepreneurs!

€1 million to be won by Cypriot entrepreneurs!

1st June 2009

That's how much of his own money Stelios is willing to spend to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and bi-communal business teamwork in Cyprus!

If your business is young, dynamic and in need of growth funding; if you have formed or you are willing to form a entrepreneurial business team that includes at least one Greek-Cypriot and one Turkish-Cypriot, each born on the island of Cyprus; and if your team will have demonstrated entrepreneurial activity island-wide by the end of the Summer 2009, then you may be eligible for The Stelios Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus 2009.


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